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Show us a Different World!

05:45 PM
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For those who want to show other people how we can travel in films to different worlds, social network service, gathering authors of short films, prepared a special competition inspired by the motto of our Festival. The task is simple: Make a short film promoting TWO RIVERSIDES Festival. The motto of this year’s edition ...

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Competition: name Carl Th. Dreyer’s films

10:32 PM
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This week we will announce the full selection of Dreyer’s films featured in ‘Carl Th. Dreyer Retrospective’ section at TWO RIVERSIDES Festival. Meanwhile we invite you to take part in a competition and share your knowledge about this famous film director. You have to name as many of his full-length and short films as possible. ...

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The Independent Jury

10:05 PM

TWO RIVERSIDES Festival in Kazimierz Dolny and Janowiec is looking for members of the Independent Jury whose task is to choose 3 films that will receive the Main Prize and two Mentions in the Independent School and Amateur Short Films Competition.To become a Jury you have to be 18 years old or arrive at the ...

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“Dogtooth” Competition

09:16 PM
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“Dogtooth” (org. “Kynodontas”) is one of the most anticipated movies to be screened during this year’s Film and Art Festival “TWO RIVERSIDES”. Director of “Dogtooth”, Yorgos Lanthimos, is not very well known among the wider audience. We want to change it by showing this film during the Festival and with a competition which will bring ...

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