Ticket prices

PGE Cinema
– 14 PLN

The Small Cinema – 9 PLN

The Small Market Square
– free screenings

Mosquito Cinema
– admittance by presentation of a charity token acquired in order to support TWO RIVERSIDES FOR FLOOD VICTIMS action. You can get charity tokens from our volunteers for 5 PLN.

Meetings in Empik
– free

Benedykt Jerzy Dorys Exhibition
– 2 PLN

Films featured in the ART CINEMA in Synagogue – 15 PLN

THE DOUBLE BASS monodrama – sold out

Cinema in Janowiec
– 5 PLN

Cinema in Puławy
– 7 PLN

Tickets to concerts – 25 PLN

Tickets to concerts in Kazimierz Parish Church 20 PLN