Oficjalna Strona Festiwalu Dwa Brzegi http://festiwal2010.dwabrzegi.pl Oficjalna Strona Festiwalu Dwa Brzegi 2012-03-05T11:24:08Z hourly 1 2000-01-01T12:00+00:00 TWO RIVERSIDES Voice http://festiwal2010.dwabrzegi.pl/?p=445&lang=en 1969-12-31T23:00:00Z Dwa Brzegi Our magazine, TWO RIVERSIDES Voice, has been published since the first edition of the Festival. Thanks to the hard work of people who love art and cinema, our audience is well-informed about what TWO RIVERSIDES has in offer every festival day.TWO RIVERSIDES Voice 2010:TWO RIVERSIDES Voice no 1, Saturday, 30 July 2010TWO RIVERSIDES Voice no [...] DWA BRZEGI 2011 – konferencja prasowa http://festiwal2010.dwabrzegi.pl/?p=4527&lang=en 2011-04-28T08:51:56Z korekta Sorry, this entry is only available in Polish. (Polish) HANOI-WARSZAWA objedzie świat http://festiwal2010.dwabrzegi.pl/?p=4517&lang=en 2011-02-17T20:37:53Z korekta Sorry, this entry is only available in Polish. (Polish) Dwa Brzegi 2011 – LUBIĘ TO! http://festiwal2010.dwabrzegi.pl/?p=4514&lang=en 2011-02-13T12:05:11Z korekta Sorry, this entry is only available in Polish. Kyoto conquered by Kuba Czekaj http://festiwal2010.dwabrzegi.pl/?p=4509&lang=en 2010-12-11T10:00:46Z korekta Kuba Czekaj’s „Don’t be afraid of the dark room”, the film that was awarded the main prize in the Independent School and Amateur Short Films Competition during 2010 TWO RIVERSIDES Festival, received Grand Prize at 2010 Kyoto International Student Film and Video Festival. It is another prize awarded to a Munk Studio production. The film [...] MIREK OLSZÓWKA passed away http://festiwal2010.dwabrzegi.pl/?p=4505&lang=en 2010-12-01T12:06:50Z korekta We regret to inform you of the passing of MIREK OLSZÓWKA, the founder member of the Two Riversides Association and one of the originators of the idea of moving our Festival to Kazimierz Dolny. He was the one who coined the name TWO RIVERSIDES. He passed away after a long illness on November 30th, 2010 [...] A Different World: competition results http://festiwal2010.dwabrzegi.pl/?p=4492&lang=en 2010-09-29T12:31:44Z minimal After stormy debate, the jury of A Different World competition reached a verdict. The first prize was granted to Archit3kt for the film „A……ja w kra..nie czar….”. Funnyguy1’s „Dwa Brzegi” took second place. Third place was taken ex aequo by Wierzchu, Studmex and Wlodek for films “Proces Ekranizacji Wsi” , “Inny Świat” and “Homofilus”.A special [...] Jan Hrebejk’s ‘Kawasaki’s Rose’ to compete for Oscar http://festiwal2010.dwabrzegi.pl/?p=4483&lang=en 2010-09-27T19:38:58Z korekta The Czech Republic has chosen its candidate for an Oscar. Jan Hrebejk’s ‘Kawasaki’s Rose’ will compete for the award in the Best Foreign Language Film category. The feature had its Polish premiere during 2010 TWO RIVERSIDES Festival and its director and the producer were our guests.Among the films that will compete for the Oscar in [...] THE MINUTES, THE HOURS awarded at the Festival in San Sebastian http://festiwal2010.dwabrzegi.pl/?p=4480&lang=en 2010-09-27T18:30:18Z korekta Have you ever felt this thrill before entering a cinema? Before entering a land completely new, unknown, uncanny? I loved this feeling, and to this day a film is for me more of an adventure than a commercial product. Those words, expressed by Ania Stadnik- the head of the TWO RIVERSIDES Festival Programming Department, refer [...] Prix Italia for the film “Lech Majewski. The world according to Breugel” http://festiwal2010.dwabrzegi.pl/?p=4478&lang=en 2010-09-27T18:07:11Z korekta Dagmara Drzazga’s “Lech Majewski. The world according to Bruegel” was awarded Prix Italia for the best documentary feature. It’s the third such important award for a Polish film in the history of the Prix Italia Festival and the first granted to a film about art. TWO RIVERSIDES audience had a chance to see the film [...]