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Munk Studio competition

05:25 PM
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Munk Studio was founded by and operates within the Polish Filmmakers Association. It is a producer of debut films, it functions in co-operation with the Polish Film Institute, the Ministry of Culture and the Polish Public Television.Munk Studio, together with TWO RIVERSIDES Festival, invites you to take part in a competition concerning Polish feature debuts. ...

Competition with The American Astronaut

01:55 PM
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Cory McAbee scriptwriter, director, actor, musician and painter will be our special guest during premiere of his film ‘The American Astronaut’. The meeting and film screening will take place at 9.45pm at the PGE Cinema at Kazimierz Dolny.The film tells a story about the world where space travels have become a dirty way of life ...

Show us a Different World!

05:45 PM
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For those who want to show other people how we can travel in films to different worlds, social network service, gathering authors of short films, prepared a special competition inspired by the motto of our Festival. The task is simple: Make a short film promoting TWO RIVERSIDES Festival. The motto of this year’s edition ...

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The names of Independent Juries are almost known

09:54 PM

It’s been 24 hours since we started the recruitment for Independent Juries and we already have to finish it. By 9:11 p.m. 49 candidates sent their applications. 20 of them will receive free accreditations to all Festival screenings and will be obliged to choose the winners of the Competition.


The Independent Jury

10:05 PM

TWO RIVERSIDES Festival in Kazimierz Dolny and Janowiec is looking for members of the Independent Jury whose task is to choose 3 films that will receive the Main Prize and two Mentions in the Independent School and Amateur Short Films Competition.To become a Jury you have to be 18 years old or arrive at the ...

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The Independent School and Amateur Short Films Competition

11:43 PM
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We know that it’s really difficult for young authors to present their films on the big screen. That’s why we created this competition. On one hand, it allows amateurs and students from film schools to present their works in the cinema. On the other hand, we give our audience the opportunity to learn the film ...


Audience Poll

09:47 PM
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Winning most votes in audience polls is unquestionably the most important distinction a film can receive at a festival. It is obvious that filmmakers make films not for themselves but for us – the viewers. During TWO RIVERSIDES Festival the audience chooses the best film from those presented in World Under Canvas and Documentary sections, ...