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Water from the Land

09:59 PM

dir: Carl Th. Dreyer , Mogens Skot-Hansen pro: Mogens Skot-Hansen, Preben Frank Film for Dansk Kulturfilm sc: Carl Th. Dreyer ph: Preben Frank mus: Poul Schierbeck ed: Edith Schlüsselcast: Gunnar Lemvigh, Asbjørn Andersen, Henrik Malberg (speakers)dis: Dansk Kulturfilm (DFI)Sharply critical film about rural water pollution in the Jutland countryside district of medical officer Jens Jensen. ...

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The Fight Against Cancer

09:23 PM

dir:  Carl Th. Dreyer pro: Ib Kock-Olsen, Preben Frank Film for Kræftens Bekæmpelse og Dansk Kulturfilm sc: Carl Th. Dreyer, Carl Krebs ph: Preben Frank mus: Peter Deutsch cast: Carl Krebs, Alberth Luther dis: Dansk Kulturfilm (DFI)A serious warning against neglecting any symptoms which might indicate cancer. Detailed pictures of various stages in the development of this disease are shown, ...

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The Passion of Joan of Arc

09:12 PM

dir: Carl Th. Dreyer pro: Société générale des filmssc: Carl Th. Dreyerph: Rudolph Matéed: Carl Th. Dreyercast: Maria Falconetti, Eugene Sylvain, André Berley, Maurice Schutzdis: Dansk Kulturfilm (DFI)„The Passion of Joan of Arc” is based on the records of the 1431 trial that led to Joan of Arc being convicted of heresy and burned at ...

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Heart’s Desire

08:59 PM

dir: Carl Th. Dreyer pro: Erich Pommer, Decla-Bioscop sc: Carl Th. Dreyer ph: Karl Freund cast: Benjamin Christensen, Walter Slezak, Nora Gregor, Alexander Murski dis: Dansk Kulturfilm (DFI)„Michael”, adapted from a novel of the same name by the Danish writer Herman Bang, is the story of a famous artist, called The Master, and his love ...

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The Storstrom Bridge

08:45 PM

dir: Carl Th. Dreyer pro: Ib Kock-Olsen, Preben Frank Film for Dansk Kulturfilm sc: Carl Th. Dreyer ph: Preben Frank   mus: Svend S. Schultz ed: Carl Th. Dreyer dis: Dansk Kulturfilm (DFI)The films shows the impressive architecture of the longest bridge in Europe, connecting the Danish islands of Masnedø and Falster.Storstrømsbroen  / The Storstrom ...


Love One Another

08:20 PM

dir:  Carl Th. Dreyer pro: Otto Schmidt, Primus Film – Berlin sc: Carl Th. Dreyer zdj: Friedrich Weinmanncast: Adele Reuter Eichberg, Wladimir Gajdarov, Polina Piekowska, Sylvia Torff, Torleiff Reiss, Johannes Meyerdis: Dansk Kulturfilm (DFI)“Love One Another” is set in Russia before and during the revolution of 1905. The main character is a young Jewish girl, ...

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They Caught the Ferry

07:56 PM

dir:  Carl Th. Dreyer pro: Ib Kock-Olsen, Nordisk Films Kompagni for Dansk Kulturfilm og Ministeriernes Filmudvalg sc: Carl Th. Dreyer ph: Jørgen Roos ed: Jørgen Roos cast: Josef Koch, Kamma Koch, Ewald Rasmussen dis: Dansk Kulturfilm (DFI)A film adaptation of the »myth« entitled “They Caught the Ferry” by the Danish author and Nobel Prize winner ...

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Once Upon a Time

07:48 PM

dir:  Carl Th. Dreyer pro: Sophus Madsen, Sophus Madsen Film sc Carl Th. Dreyer, Palle Rosenkrantz ph: George Schnéevoigt cast: Peter Jerndorff, Clara Pontoppidan, Svend Methling, Hakon Ahnfelt-Rønne dis Dansk Kulturfilm (DFI)“Once Upon a Time”, adapted from a national-romantic play by the Danish writer Holger Drachmann, is set in a fairytale past. The jolly old ...

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The Word

07:36 PM

dir:  Carl Th. Dreyer pro: Tage Nielsen, Palladium sc: Carl Th. Dreyer ph: Henning Bendtsen mus: Poul Schierbeck  ed: Edith Schlüssel cast: Henrik Malberg, Emil Hass Christensen, Preben Lerdorff Rye, Cay Kristiansen, Birgitte Federspiel dis: Dansk Kulturfilm (DFI)Morten Borgen is a farmer and a man of faith who awakened his region to Christianity in the ...

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07:26 PM

dir:  Carl Th. Dreyer , Preben Frank pro: Ib Kock-Olsen sc: Carl Th. Dreyer ph: Preben Frankmus: Svend Erik Tarp ed: Preben Frank  cast Ib Kock-Olsen (voice) dis: Dansk Kulturfilm (DFI)A portrait of some of the most famous works by the great Danish sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen (1770-1844). Dreyer uses close-ups of Thorvaldsen’s reliefs and sculptures ...

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05:56 PM

dir:  Carl Th. Dreyer pro: Nicolas de Gunzburg, Film-Production Carl Dreyer sc: Carl Th. Dreyer, Christen Jul       ph:  Rudolph Maté  mus: Wolfgang Zeller ed: Tonka Taldy     cast: Julian West (alias Nicolas de Gunzburg), Henriette Gerard, Jan Hieronimko, Maurice Schutz, Rena Mandel, Sybille Schmitz dis: Dansk Kulturfilm (DFI)A young man, Grey arrives one night at ...

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The Parson’s Widow

04:15 PM

dir:  Carl Th. Dreyer pro: Svensk Filmindustri sc:  Carl Th. Dreyer ph: George Schnéevoigtcast: Hildur Carlberg, Einar Röd, Greta Almroth dis Dansk Kulturfilm (DFI) “The Parson’s Widow” is set in 17th-century Norway. Söfren, a young theology candidate, is hoping to get a ministry in a small village, so he can marry his sweetheart, Mari. However, ...

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A Castle Within the Castle

03:12 PM

dir: Carl Th. Dreyer , Jørgen Roos pro: Ib Kock-Olsen, Teknisk Film Compagni for Dansk Kulturfilm sce: Carl Th. Dreyer ph: Jørgen Roos ed: Jørgen Roos cast: Sven Ludvigsen (speaker) dis: Dansk Kulturfilm (DFI)Within its walls, Kronborg Castle in Elsinore contains large sections of another, older castle, Krogen, built by Eric of Pomerania around 1420. ...

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02:43 PM

dir:  Carl Th. Dreyer pro: Niels Jørgen Nielsen, Palladium sc: Carl Th. Dreyer  ph: Henning Bendtsen mus: Jørgen Jersild ed: Edith Schlüssel cast: Nina Pens Rode, Bendt Rothe, Ebbe Rode, Baard Owe dis: Dansk Kulturfilm (DFI)„Gertrud” is in a passionless marriage to Gustav Kanning. She tells him she wants a divorce, that she has begun ...

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Landsbykirken / The Danish Village Church

01:47 PM

dir:  Carl Th. Dreyer pro: Ib Kock-Olsen, Preben Frank Film for Dansk Kulturfilm sc: Carl Th. Dreyer , Bernhard Jensen ph: Preben Frank muz|mus Svend Erik Tarp cast: Ib Kock-Olsen, George Rouquier, Karl Rowold (speakers) dis: Dansk Kulturfilm (DFI)The history of Danish country church architecture is told by showing scenes of how the church was ...

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Mødrehjælpen / Good Mothers

01:28 PM

dir: Carl Th. Dreyer pro: Mogens Skot-Hansen, Nordisk Films Kompagni for Mødrehjælpens Fællesråd og Dansk Kulturfilm sc: Carl Th. Dreyer ph Verner Jensen mus: Poul Schierbeck cast: Hjørdis Jacobsen, Ebbe Neergaard, Dinah Miller, M. Hermannsen  dis     Dansk Kulturfilm (DFI)A description of the measures taken to protect the health both of married and unmarried mothers and ...

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Carl Th. Dreyer: Retrospective

Carl Th. Dreyer: Retrospective

09:46 PM

We have good news for all classic movies fans. As announced before, on the TWO RIVERSIDES Festival we are going to present works of Carl Th. Dreyer, director who had a huge influence on development of the cinema. His highly intense, in terms of form and message, pictures aroused controversy, but at the same time ...

Results of the Carl Th. Dreyer competition

10:39 PM
Categories: News

It wasn’t an easy task to name all Carl Th. Dreyer’s feature and short films because of the richness of his filmography. The prize- two films, ‘District 9’ and ‘The Dark House’- goes to Anulka, who managed to send us a complete list of works of this magnificent filmmaker. Congratulations!The full list of films featured ...