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3 x Brillante: Retrospective of the works of Brillante Mendoza

11:33 AM
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Dear Friends, 3 x Brillante is a mini-retrospective of the works of a Philippine filmmaker, Brillante Mendoza. The audiences and film critics around the world have been divided over his controversial films. He is an astute observer of people and their manners, an able sculptor combining naturalistic, almost documentary pictures of the life in Philippines ...


3 X Brillante

11:42 AM
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The Execution of P (Kinatay)dir. Brillante Mendoza, 105′Grandmother (Lola)dir. Brillante Mendoza, 110′Service (Serbis) dir. Brillante Mendoza, 90′

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01:04 AM
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Serbis / Service, PH-FR 2008 colour 90    min. dir:  Brillante Mendozapro: Didier Costet, Ferdinand Lapuz, Centerstage Productions, Swift Productionssc: Armando Lao, Boots Agbayani Pastorph: Odyssey Floresmus: Gian Giananed: Claire Villa Realcast: Gina Pareno, Jaclyn Jose, Coco Martin, Mercedes Cabral, Julio Diaz, Kristoffer King, Dan Alvaro, Roxanne Jordandis: Fortissimo Films   Morality has two sides-absolute and ...

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Grandmother / Lola

12:57 AM
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Lola / Grandmother, PH-FR 2009 colour  110 min. dir: Brillante Mendozapro:  Ferdinand Lapuz, Swift Productions, Centerstage Productionssc:  Linda Casimiroph:  Odyssey Floresmus:  Teresa Barrozoed:  Kats Serraon cast: Anita Linda, Rustica Carpio, Tanya Gomez, Jhong Hilario, Ketchup Eusebiodis:  The Match Factory   Two elderly women bear the consequences of a crime involving their respective grandsons— one is the ...

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Brillante Mendoza

12:49 AM
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Brillante Ma. Mendoza was born on July 30, 1960 in San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines. He studied fine arts major in advertising at the University of Santo Tomas in Manila. He started his career as a production designer in feature films, television, theater and eventually in television advertising for the past 10 years. His production design ...



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Kinatay / The Execution of P, PH-FR 2009 colour 105    min. dir:  Brillante Mendozapro: Didier Costet, Ferdinand Lapuz, Swift Productions, Centerstage Productionssc: Armando Laoph: Odyssey Floresmus: Teresa Barrozoed: Kats Serraoncast: Coco Martin, Maria Isabel Lopez, John Regala, Julio Diaz, Jhong Hilario, Lauren Novero, Benjie Filomeno, Alan Paule, Mercedes Cabraldis: The Match Factory   Peping, a ...

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