‘Kawasaki’s Rose’ already in cinemas

We all remember the warm applause that Jan Hřebejk’s feature received in Kazimierz Dolny. It’s the best recommendation for a film. Now you can see this unusual picture in Polish cinemas.

Jan Hřebejk is well-known to Polish audience, e.g. for the Oscar-nominated ‘Divided We Fall’. During the interview conducted by Joanna Sławińska from IAR, the filmmaker – our guest at TWO RIVERSIDES Festival this year – admitted that the real subject of ‘Kawasaki’s Rose’ isn’t the communist secret service, agents or archive files but our memories about the events that took place in the Czech Republic, Poland and other countries from the former Eastern Bloc. Each character interprets them differently: the professor, broken by the secret service, his wife, daughter and the oppositionist, harmed by denunciations.

From among all feature films presented during our Festival, ‘Kawasaki’s Rose’ received most votes from the audience, gaining 4.68 points out of 5.00.

See the interview with the director, conducted during TWO RIVERSIDES Festival www.interia.tv/film/wywiady,6306,0,9,1516163