Jan Hrebejk’s ‘Kawasaki’s Rose’ to compete for Oscar

The Czech Republic has chosen its candidate for an Oscar. Jan Hrebejk’s ‘Kawasaki’s Rose’ will compete for the award in the Best Foreign Language Film category. The feature had its Polish premiere during 2010 TWO RIVERSIDES Festival and its director and the producer were our guests.
Among the films that will compete for the Oscar in this category is Jacek Boruch’s ‘All That I Love’, also presented at the Festival in Kazimierz this year. Andrzej Chyra accepted our invitation and personally invited the audience for the screening. ‘This film doesn’t create such a historical distance like ‘Reverse’, which is extremely stylized. ‘All That I Love’ is a film about those times, about love and maturation’- he said in the interview for “TWO RIVERSIDES Voice”.

Which film will the Academy appreciate most? We’ll see on February 27th, 2011.